Friday, December 14, 2007

500, and counting

A way we're tracking our progress on What They Play, aside from the obvious, boring stuff like y'know; traffic, and revenue, is the amount of content we've posted. Every day, we obsess on the counters that tot up the number of game write ups we have, and wonder how much we can generate in the coming weeks. A condition of our funding was that we have 100 games written up by the time we launched. As we worked toward our November 12th launch date, this seemed like a truly challenging task. We were finding our "voice" and communicating our style rules to our writers, and we had to toss a lot of work back and ask for rewrites. Many writers were unused to writing completely objectively, and simply describing game experiences took some getting used to.

On December 10th, we uploaded our 500th write up. It was of NCAA March Madness 08 on PlayStation 2 if you're at all interested in that kind of thing. Somewhat anticlimactic in terms of product, I guess. I probably could've engineered it to be something a bit sexier, in retrospect. Regardless, the 500 mark is significant, as it's a line we'd drawn in the sand for ourselves as the point where we could start looking seriously into syndicating content. Plus banging out 500 of these things within a month of launching isn't half bad. The crew we have writing for us has been absolutely fantastic.