Friday, December 14, 2007

One month old

On December 12, What They Play turned one month old. It's hard to believe in a lot of ways, as it feels like we've been up and running much longer than that. We've squeezed a lot into the first few weeks; we've generated more traffic than we'd thought possible, we've put up a Holiday Guide for parents, a number of features that are starting to show the kind of editorial vibe we want to develop (particularly in terms of taking the fear out of videogames) and we've somehow managed to produce over 500 write ups of the most popular games. There's still an unbelievable amount of work to do; we need to hit 1000 write ups as soon as we can, we need more features and stories, and we still have a lot of site development to work on. We're redesigning our homepage, adding site functionality, adapting our video strategy, building a Question/Answers engine, and adding a blog network. We're also looking at our code base and editorial strategy and looking to launch our next site as soon as we can in Q1 2008.

The press has been very kind, and we've been able to secure a steady series of meetings with individuals and corporations that have been real eye-openers. We've talked to media dealmakers, entertainment executives, TV producers, investors, newscasters, striking TV writers, game developers, publishers, business development gurus, marketers, and even a State Senator (Leland Yee, who was very accommodating) about what we're trying to do, and everyone has seen the value in speaking to parents about this subject, and in this particular manner.The team has been remarkable, and our contributors and contractors have made moving so quickly a real joy. Back in June and July in hardly seemed possible that we could have done so much before the end of the year.