Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wetter than a fishes wet bits

I've been trying to avoid driving into the city this week, because when it's a) nearly the Holidays and b) raining, everyone drives like a psycho in the Bay Area. Seriously, the 101 from Marin into the city is 90% fucktards on a daily basis. People seem to forget what lane markings mean, and which pedal is the brake.

So, to avoid asshats, to be a bit more environmentally friendly, and to soak up some of the commuter money I've been stuffing on my Translink card (and subsequently not using) I've been getting the ferry to work, and walking the mile from the ferry building to the office. This morning = big mistake. I am now wetter than a fishes wet bits, and in desperate need of taking my pants off. I'm not sure the girls at the office will appreciate that.