Sunday, January 6, 2008

Because of Video Games, My 4 year old and 2 year old...

- are starting to understand the concept of gravity, thanks to Super Mario Galaxy on Wii

- know that a polar bear is the largest kind of bear, thanks to Animal Genius on the Leapster

- can point to various cities on a map, because of Madden NFL 08 on Wii

- understand that when you shake a soda can, it sprays out pretty fierce, thanks to Mario Party 8

- know when you get a corner kick, and when you get a goal kick, thanks to Winning Eleven on the DS

- have been throwing a football around in the garden (or a plush football in the living room) every day, because of Madden NFL 08 on the Wii

- are extremely interested in Tennis, because of Wii Sports

- can make a basket, playing with the toy hoop in the garden, after playing NBA Live 08 on the Wii

- want to go bowling, because of Wii Sports

- are better at hitting a softball with a bat, because of Wii Sports

- are amazing at those memory games where you turn the cards over because of all kinds of games

- have unbelievable spatial reasoning skills, thanks to the Cars game on the Mac

- understand what a planet is, and what a galaxy is (well, kinda) because of Super Mario Galaxy

- use the word "predator" correctly, because of Animal Genius on the Leapster

- knew their alphabets when they turned 2, because of a whole bunch of Leapster games

- can count well beyond 10, or 20, or 100 - and understand how numbers beyond that work, because of educational games, and "fun" games

- can work out the ways a football team got the number of points it did (touchdowns, and extra points) because of Madden NFL 08 on Wii

- know they don't really like a lot of modern punk and emo, because of Burnout Revenge on 360

- understand the difference between fantasy and reality, because their mother and I talk to them about it

- know when to turn it off
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