Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jan 3: New Year's Resolutions Holding

This year I get fit. Hopefully there'll be all sorts of other good fortune too, but attainable goal numero uno this year is eliminating the flab. Mrs. D and I worked together on Christmas gifts to help ensure this...she bought me a new bike, on the recommendation of my amateur Tour de France riding pal Pete, from the UK, and I bought her an elliptical trainer which is about the size of a car, and looks like a prop from Robocop. Since the day after Christmas I've done something exercisey every day, and for the last five I've done the elliptical thing every morning for half an hour. There's absolutely no excuse, because I can't get out of bed without some part of my body hitting it. In the past I've tried joining the gym, for which there were excuses of "no time," I've tried setting up weights and stuff in the garage, for which the excuse was "too cold" and now we have Judge Dredd's Lawmaster six inches from the bed. If this gut is still there six months from now, I should be ashamed of myself.