Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

After failing miserably to meet even 25% of the people I intended to for drinks last night, I finally crashed pretty late and awoke this morning reasonably refreshed-ish. The mix of margaritas and red wine only having a mild headache effect, and certainly no debilitating morning problems. After a quick shower and Starbucks run, Ira and I rushed to the Mandalay for a breakfast meeting with XXX to talk about XXXXXXXXXXX (sorry, can't talk about it, yet.) After an enormous whole wheat waffle, and a growing sense of guilt for having not worked out in the past 24 hours, I stumbled back to the hotel to catch up on emails, and shoot Zoe some more ideas for a feature we're working on. The 24 hours of Wi-Fi access I'd paid for crapped out mid-send, and I refuse to spend another $15 for just 10 minutes of access. The rest of the emails have to wait until I get to the airport, where it's free.

Get to the airport early, and drop the $25 necessary to confirm myself on a flight leaving town four hours earlier than booked. TXT the Toms to tell them how ridiculously crowded the security lines are as people start leaving town having had their fill of CES. They're still stuck at the Sands manning the booth...but thankfully they can bail today.
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