Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mario Effect

I've been home for the holidays for about 10 days now, and between games of Madden and various Leapster cartridges, my boys and I have been playing Super Mario Galaxy pretty religiously. Will, my oldest helps collect the star bits with the second Wii-mote, and Jack watches and makes suggestions. We make a pretty good team, and have more than 20 power stars so far. It's been great, and as I've mentioned before it's triggered some things in the kids' imaginations that have been fun to watch.

Something new happened today though. For Christmas, Will got a new teddy bear. He'd asked for one as a "new friend" for his other bears, and was quite excited when he tore open the wrapping on Christmas day. Will has been reluctant to name any of his bears in the past. Beyond "brown bear" and "white bear" he was unwilling to come up with anything else because "they can't talk and tell us their real names, and I don't want to call them the wrong thing." Cute, huh? Anyway...this morning, he told me that he had decided to give the new bear a name.

Meet Bowser.
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