Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vegas, baby. Part 1

I guess it's a bit of a whirlwind in and out trip to Vegas this week. Flew in on a later afternoon Virgin flight (best airline in America, no question) got to the hotel, and Tom Sarris our PR guy was already asleep in the room we're sharing. At 7pm. Woke him up, and made vaguely disparaging remarks about sleeping so early, and hit the gym. Ira called while I was on the elliptical to talk about his day of meetings, and then 10 minutes later he and Tom Byron come down for half an hour of cardio. Much hairy man-sweating and chit-chatting later, we return to our rooms for showers and to think about where to go for dinner. Our schedule is all a bit later than we'd originally thought for this evening, so we decide that rather than go out for a heavy one, as previously considered, that we'll just grab dinner and crash. It is, after all, an early start on Tuesday. We remember that we have a reservation we made weeks ago at Bouchon, so meet in the lobby and head off for one of the most divine (although very late) meals ever. Then back to the room to crash.

Sandbox Summit awaits...more later, in a hopefully a much more interesting post.