Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1UP Yours last week

I completely forgot to mention this last week, but the episode of 1UP Yours we did on Friday is up, and it turned out great. It was a big lineup for the last day of GDC, featuring N'Gai Croal from Newsweek, MTV's Stephen Totilo, Shane, Bryan, Garnett, and myself, with podcasting maestro Andrew Pfister twiddling the knobs (that's me in the obnoxiously orange shirt in the photo.) We covered a lot of ground in the (just shy of) two hours we were talking, including the indie gaming scene, the notion of "consequence" and "permanence" in games (prompted by comments from Peter Molyneux about the notion of "punishment" in game design,) all the news out of the week's events, and then we finished up with Stephen's "deep thought" of the week. Like his previous thought a month or so ago, Stephen's latest will hopefully get the message boards chatting, as it concerned the way that all other forms of entertainment now accommodate both "location based" and "portable" methods of consumption, with the transition between the two becoming easier and easier. You can listen to music on your stereo at home, then grab your iPod and continue to listen when you leave for work. You can watch a movie on your big-screen TV, then take your PSP or iPod with you to continue watching when you leave the house. With games, the experiences are still tied to specific devices in specific places, but surely that isn't the way things will be for much longer?

As ever, any over-stated comments or exaggerations for effect by anyone on the podcast are quoted out of context and over-reacted to in the usual fashion by fanboys of all persuasions. Attempts to discuss the (sadly) true nature of the deteriorating (packaged) PC gaming world, for example, have been met with derision by those of truly blind faith. Discussion of anything to do with the PlayStation 3, regardless of how timely or valid, is met with assertions that there is some kind of "bias" involved. These same people, of course, were those complaining of similar Xbox "bias" a year ago.

Still, at least people listen and care enough to discuss the thing, even if a lot of it does come off as irrational, and rude. I often miss working with the guys...particularly the "heyday" when it was Garnett, Shane, Luke and I with Skip at the wheel. Maybe one day we'll round up another "reunion" like we did at PAX last year.
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