Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The biting wit of a four-year-old

One of my favorite people in the whole world, and previous partner-in-crime at the Official PlayStation Magazine, Gary Steinman is moving back into the world of the gaming press, and back to the Bay Area having spent four years in self-imposed exile in Texas. His new gig? On the Official PlayStation Magazine, or PlayStation The Official Magazine, as it's now called. Not only is it great to have Gary's biting wit back in the biz of talking about games, it's also likely he'll be living just up the street from me which I'm very happy about. My kids are also happy about this, as they're apparently big fans, as evidenced this past weekend when he came to visit. It also seems that Gary brings out a spectacular level of previously unknown acerbic snark in my four-year-old. This past Saturday Gary and Will somehow got into a battle of wits as to who was the "best soccer player in the world." This argument lasted well beyond the visit, and devolved into an email exchange where my son's views were conveyed to Gary through my wife, who was instructed to type messages asserting his dominance. In a lengthy salvo declaring his own superiority, Gary signed off as "Mr. Gary" for some reason. To this, without any prompting from anyone else I might add, my beautiful little four-year-old boy crafted a glorious response:

"Tell him: doesn't he mean 'Mrs. Gary'?"
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