Thursday, February 21, 2008

GDC so far

It's been an unusual GDC for me this year. Rather than running around as part of a giant production effort to cover everything, video everything, and then talk about everything on a podcast we can take a somewhat more relaxed approach, and just spend some time meeting with people to talk about very specific things. Rather than scrambling to preview games, we've been able to spend our time meeting with developers and talking about some very specific content points. The stories that these conversations will spawn may take a while to piece together, but I think we have some good stuff. I've noticed this year that a lot of the creative guys in the industry are prepared to open up a lot more about creative motivation, as well as some of the ways their personal lives are affecting their design work.

I've been a bit of a flake on the social scene. So far I've only been out drinking with any kind of real determination once, on Tuesday night. Things started very casually at the St. Regis bar in the afternoon, and slowly devolved from there. Ira joined us for a while, but we'd already been drinking enough to ridicule him for carrying Liza Minelli's umbrella around (for some reason he was staying out of the rain with a gold brolly). Things then moved off, through the rain, to an EA DICE event, then to a LucasArts party that was already finishing by the time we got there, before we staggered into the W bar for a while, and things started to get hazy. There was then a period at Jillians in the Metreon that prompted a note from Gamasutra podcast hero Tom Kim to send me a note with the subject line "Hammered" where he told me "I appreciate the hammered John Davison! You're a lot more fun than the sober one."

I'm not sure I know what to make of that.

I know one thing for sure, I'd not eaten anything except for a cheese puff at the EA event all evening. The night ended at an Irish pub where a transvestite lounge singer was singing a rousing version of "Blue Monday" on a guitar she introduced as being called "pussy."

Last night I went home. I'm too old to do crap like that two nights in a row. And I wanted to see Mrs. D and the kids.
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