Thursday, February 14, 2008

Video games and Rock Appreciation

We posted our first story from Dave Finkel, Emmy-award winning Co-Executive Producer of "30 Rock" (that's him in the picture, with his boy Roscoe) today - and I couldn't be happier about it. Since we started What They Play, we've been talking up our goals of "demystifying" games for parents, and showing ways that video games can bring families together, and be a catalyst for conversations away from the screen. This first piece from Dave really exemplifies everything we've been trying to do.

From the piece;
"So, how is a young, no-good lover of the devil’s music supposed base his identity on whatever music genre he “discovers” if all he knows is “My Chemical Romance”? How does a youngster even ‘discover’ new music anymore (besides “My Chemical Romance”)?

The answer is surprising: Guitar Hero. Rock Band. Video games. What a strange place to learn not only about what’s going on in music now, but what has happened in music, leading a truly enterprising and curious kid to work his way backward, musical movement by musical movement all the way back to the roots of rock."

Guitar Hero: The Encyclopedia of Rock
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