Sunday, March 30, 2008

Best Day Ever

Yesterday was one of those great days where everything just fell into place. We didn't go out of our way to do anything (in fact it may seem like a fairly boring day to most of you), but it was just a perfect comfortable family day: Got up late, but not too late, had breakfast with Mrs. D and the kids, hung out with the boys for a while and played video games, got some rare "me" time when the rest of the clan went to a birthday party for a couple of hours, ordered a truly fantastic anniversary present for our impending sixth, finally broke 5,000 points on Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (should have taken a screen shot to send to Tom and Grace at work), went for a 10 mile ride and listened to some awesome tunes, read both boys bedtime stories, had Gino's za for dinner, watched a bunch of Battlestar season three, and crashed out happy. Turns out it was also our best traffic day ever on the site, too, with the Get the Facts on Club Penguin feature we posted a week ago suddenly popping up and delivering the goods. Turns out "SpongeBob games" are still kicking ass for search results, too.