Thursday, April 3, 2008

1000 reviews on What They Play

We call them "reviews" but of course they're not really. "Write ups" or "synopses" or "Parent Guidance." Whatever you want to call them, we just hit a major landmark in the development of the site - the 1000th entered into What They Play.

Honestly, we weren't expecting to get here quite this quickly. Not so long ago, Zoe and I figure "hmmm, maybe by Christmas," and this slowly morphed into "mmmmm, maybe by the summer." Then, this week it became, "wow, maybe this week."

The 1000th article was Sega Rally Revo. I sorta wish it had been something more important, or more significant...but there you go. A landmark reached. Now we have to keep pushing to get as much great content as we can up for parents to understand more and more about games, and to be able to connect with their kids over this stuff.

Oh, if you're wondering what the image is, it's a snapshot of our CMS' editorial counter.