Wednesday, April 16, 2008

GTA IV chatter

080412_COVER_small-thumb4.jpgFresh from the sugary ego-high of seeing N'Gai's Newsweek story on What They Play in print yesterday (maybe I'm old-fashioned, but there's still something special about seeing something in print) today's return to the office after the quick trip to Minneapolis this week included recording a radio interview about Grand Theft Auto IV for Metro Networks this morning, and then taping an episode of Cranky Geeks over at the Ziff building.

The Metro thing, particularly, was a refreshing change from the norm, as the reporter very much wasn't out to get the most salacious GTA story he could muster, and instead was extremely well-informed, and asked some very smart questions. There definitely seems to be a culture shift starting in the media right now, and while we'll no doubt see plenty of sensational nonsense about GTA IV, there are more and more mainstream reporters prepared to stick their neck out and show that Rockstar's game does not represent all video games.