Friday, April 11, 2008

Interesting international view on sex and violence in games

Norwegian site Dagbladet very kindly linked to our GTA IV story today, and also provided some commentary on the sex and violence poll that we ran. What's most interesting are the results to a replicated poll that they're running that shows the very different attitudes to violent and sexual content in Europe.

Here's how their responses to the question "As a parent, which would you find most offensive in a video game?" break down as of lunchtime today. In case you don't read Norwegian; "Et grafisk, avkappet menneskehode" is the "graphically severed human head" response at 65.8%, "To menn som kysser" is what it sounds like, "two men kissing" at 24.9%, "En mann og en kvinne som har sex" is "a man and a women having sex" at 5.2% and "Gjenaatt banning" is the cursing response, at 4.1%.

dagbladet poll.jpg
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