Friday, April 25, 2008

More kids on GTA IV

102-screenshot.jpgOur story with quotes from kids about how they were going to pull the wool over their parents' (and everyone else's) eyes to get their hands on GTA IV proved pretty popular, so we followed up with something that goes into a little more detail today. As I mentioned in the last post, something that all of the moms we've spoken to ask is "why would you want play this?" (or words to that effect) so we asked the kids exactly that. The comments from the teenage boys in our Kids talk about Grand Theft Auto IV piece are all variations on the same theme; namely that they like games for escapism, they like the violence and the naughty stuff because they'd never get away with it in real life, and lastly they all know exactly how they'll be getting the game on Tuesday.

As with the previous story, some of the quotes from these young teens that are wise beyond their years are quite sad, in a way.“I just think that the only reason parents don’t let their kids play these kinds of games is because they think of video games as a babysitter – and that’s because they use it as one," says one. Another sums up the sentiments of every "underage" teen wanting to play the game, “I really don't want GTA IV to be wrecked by having to play it in secret”."