Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Epic globe trot, done

OK, so it wasn't a globe trot, but I've spent more of the last couple of weeks away from home than home. Started with a mega meeting fest in NY last Wednesday (all day Tuesday was spent flying east) then up before the birds on Thursday to catch a flight to DC at the crack of what-the-fuck-time-do-you-call-this. After another batch of meets, lunch at the Ritz it was back on a plane through NY (jetBlue, puh-leaz hurry up and finish your JFK terminal, or at least put somewhere that sells coffee in the current one) to get back to San Francisco approximately 24 hours after I got up that morning. After one day back at the office to desperately try and catch up on a bunch of stuff, it was back to SFO (where I ran into 1UP Yours fan Brian and his bride-to-be in the longest security line in living memory. Congrats Brian on your wedding this week) to get on a plane to Phoenix to bask in the blistering desert heat. 120' during the day, and still 108' at 10pm!
Back home again now...and glad to be back.
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