Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sex, Language, Drugs and Booze, and then Violence

feature_image.jpgSince we saw the results of our poll on sex and violence in games last month, I've become increasingly fascinated with how our audience responds to contentious content. Whether it's parents asking us specifically about the strong language in Assassin's Creed, or telling us that they're more offended by sex than violence, the results are always intriguing.

The latest observation in this little social experiment (I guess you'd call it) concerns the videos we posted yesterday to illustrate the ESRB descriptors on Grand Theft Auto IV. We produced four thematically focused videos based on the six descriptors that the game carries.

All of them are brief, and designed to give our audience a snapshot of what the content can be like. It's hard to show context with videos like this, so for each story we tried to set it up and explain that you don't have to have sex with hookers, and you don't have to kill everyone you meet. The point, of course, is that you can if you choose to.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post was to tell you the order of popularity of the four videos we posted. A little snapshot of the order in which the vicarious thrills of viewing naughty content come. And here it is:

The runaway winner was, of course;

1. Partial Nudity and Strong Sexual Content

Seriously, could we really expect anything different? I don't think so. This was followed by my personal favorite (and the one I expected to "win" overall, because it's kinda funny)

2. Strong Language


3. Use of Drugs and Alcohol

and a distant last place, by a significant margin...

4. Blood and Intense Violence
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