Thursday, July 3, 2008

Countdown to the Today Show

I've been loathe to mention this yet, for fear of jinxing it...but now we're less than a week away, and half the segment is already "in the can" (as it were) I figure it's safe to mention that next Wednesday (July 9) morning, What They Play will be on the Today Show. Tell your friends, and set your TiVo. They've already been to the Bay Area to interview some families about the video games they play, they've been to our offices to talk to Zoe about the process of piecing our content together, and then next week I'll be heading to NY to do a live segment in the Today Show studio. Hopefully I won't make a complete arse of myself on live television, or pass out from sucking my gut in for three minutes.

Here are some photos from the shoot at the palatial What They Play offices in San Francisco with the delightful Ms Flower. Hopefully, I'll be able to sneak some snaps from 30 Rock when I'm there on Wednesday next week, and I'll post those too. We'll be blogging about it on What They Play: Today, too.



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