Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photoblogging our UK trip


With the kids on the Virgin flight out. They were remarkably well behaved.


The location of my brother's wedding, out somewhere deep in the southern English countryside. There were wild horses wandering around. Seriously.


Pete and Jane, several seconds before doing the ring thing. Apologies to both of them for the unflattering camera angle here.


Mrs. D looking crazy hot in her bridesmaid/maid of honor (or whatever she was...I forget) get up.


I appear to have caught the exact moment at which everyone in my family (and a bunch of people I don't know) weren't smiling for some reason. It was a happy day...honest!


Me and the big guy at the wedding reception. Both kids were remarkably well behaved.


Car museums are pretty awesome.


A 1949 bus that we got to go out in one day. The boys seemed to get a kick out of it.


It should be noted that this is not actually our bus. This is simply the Davison clan in front of a bus belonging to someone else, who very kindly took us out in it.


With the kids in Cambridge. This picture doesn't do justice to just how miserably grey the sky was all day. "Why is England so cloudy, Daddy?"


Yes, they do Halloween in England. The little guy was a ninja this year. This is his ninja face.