Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 04: Quinoa

Four days in, and I'm following the diet very strictly, as instructed. I've eaten a lot of egg whites, and a lot of salad. I've eaten so much asparagus that my pee permanently has that obnoxious smell to it. Most of all though I've eaten a lot of quinoa. Endless bowls of fucking quinoa. Grainy, weirdly sprouting, mostly tasteless, oddly textured quinoa. Red quinoa. White quinoa. Quinoa cooked in water. Quinoa cooked in chicken broth. Quinoa with salmon. Quinoa with tuna. Quinoa with chicken.

Tonight, Mrs D asked if I wanted to take the kids out to dinner. And you know what? I do. But I don't want to have to study the menu really closely only to realize that the only thing I can probably order is yet another fucking salad. It's that, or suffer the lengthy negotiations required to ensure that meat or fish isn't cooked in butter, and that cheese isn't sprinkled on anything, or that something, somewhere in the meal might have gluten lurking in it.

I'm at a point today where I honestly have no idea what I want to eat, because I really don't want to put any real work into it right now. I've just spent all day at work working, and now I'd really rather just chill out and try to satiate the aching hunger that I feel every night.

And so far, no weight loss. Of course.

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