Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10: Room Service Negotiations

I'm down a couple of pounds, but nothing particularly radical is happening. The initial misery has worn off, but finding things to eat is still a lot more work than I'm typically used to. I am no longer able to think "jeez, I'm really hungry" and just grab something from a nearby store or restaurant. No, now I have to scour labels and interrogate servers.

Case in point; for the next three days I'm in San Diego at ComicCon. I'm very lucky to be here, it's a blast, and CBS is doing a ton of stuff that we're able to hitch the GameSpot wagon to in one way or another. It's going to be a lot of fun. What isn't, however, is finding stuff to eat. Today I wasn't able to eat lunch because both the timing and the location didn't allow for it. I ended up munching a gluten-free vaguely apple-flavored breakfast bar thing at 3pm to fend off the hunger pangs. For dinner, I gave up reading menus outside restaurants and went back to the hotel to order room service. Why? Because every restaurant in San Diego has a greeter wearing a short skirt who shoves postcards or menus into your face while asking you if you want to come in for dinner. Walking up 5th Street to the hotel was half a mile of constant harassment.

Room service was an unexpected challenge though.

For a start, the nice lady taking room service orders was...let's be nice and call it "struggling" with the English language. When I told her "I'm allergic to dairy, can you make sure the fish isn't cooked in butter" she sounded so confused I thought she was just going to hang up on me. Eventually, after much explaining I was able to order some salmon, but the process of getting it was painful; "no I can't eat anything with dairy in it. No, no butter. Or anything milk related, no. The sauce has butter in it? OK, so I can't eat that. Yes, that means I don't want the sauce. I do want the fish though. Can you do the fish without the butter and without the sauce? Yes? OK. No, the spinach can't be sauteed in butter either. Why? Because I'm allergic to dairy."

Eventually I got some food. I have no idea if there was actually any dairy in it, but I guess we'll find out in a few hours if I get stomach cramps or something.

Big discovery of the day: Pop Chips Original flavor chips are a) awesome (which I already knew, although I was more partial to the BBQ flavor) b) only have 100 calorie a bag, and more importantly c) are both dairy AND gluten free.
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