Friday, July 8, 2011

The ongoing struggle

I never intended this blog to be a weightloss journal, but given the ongoing struggle I guess the fact that it has become just that is an insight into an important aspect of my personal life. Since I last updated on this particular blog, I've dabbled with a different blog concept, where I tried to keep up with my brother's daily "One A Day" blog movement (I couldn't, just too damn busy) and I've settled into a new job. The whole time though, I've been dieting carefully, and exercising vigorously.

The result? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

As I write this, I'm pretty much the exact same weight I was a year ago. I've talked to doctors, I've talked to personal trainers, and I've been to two different nutritionists, but so far nothing has worked. I ride at least 10 miles almost every day on my bike, and often ride 30, 40, or 50 miles at the weekend. I go to the gym regularly. Basically, I work out in some fashion five or six times a week. I also monitor and track absolutely everything that I put into my body, to the point of it being almost pathological, so I can keep to the guidelines set by my advisors.

To say that the lack of progress has been frustrating is an understatement of galactic proportions.

Today, I returned from another consultation with a nutritionist with a new plan in hand; food elimination to determine whether or not I have an allergy. The theory is that it's highly likely that the weighloss issues aren't caused by anything caloric, and are instead dictated by an adverse reaction to something in my daily intake. Allergies create inflammation, which leads to water retention, and they affect metabolism. Eliminate the allergen, and you can reboot your system.

So... starting Monday, I start the process of working out what might be going wrong with my innards. For the first month, I need to eliminate all dairy products, and all gluten from my diet. I keep this up for the month, see what happens, and then we introduce one of them back into my daily intake, and see if any fucked up stuff starts to happen.

Hopefully there'll be some actual weightloss along the way too.

Today, as I go into the last weekend of what has become "normal" eating (though to many of you, my usual intake will seem very conservative already) I'm thinking that I kinda want to journal the process, as it's likely to have some physical and psychological effects.


wmaru said...

Have you tried not working out? I hit 204(!) this past December so got back to the gym and dropped 20 pounds so far. When I hit a wall, I sometimes take a few days off from cardio and weightlifting to tell my body it doesn't need to hold on to every calorie and it seems to work.

Unknown said...

One of the interesting pieces of advice from the nutritionist was that I wasn't eating enough, and that my body was holding onto calories. Similar to the working out thing, I'm sure. The frustrating piece has been that nothing seems to have worked so far, which is why the working theory is now something allergy related. I hope so! I just want to know why nothing's working, and find some way to do something about it!

pinnacle security said...

Im in the stage of starting all over again. I need to be very patient this time.