Monday, September 5, 2011

Allergies, Shmallergies

So, yeah. This whole food allergy has turned out to be a colossal pain in the arse. After a whole month of elimination diet, and being careful with exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle, very little has changed apart from meals being more annoying to think of, and I now have enormous selections of food that I can't eat. After trying to reintroduce both dairy and gluten into my day-to-day diet, both caused me to exhibit horrible hangover-like symptoms. Headaches, cold-sweats, cramps, and all kinds of nastiness. The reason I wasn't getting this before, I'm told, is that my system had so much of the allergens in it that it had built up a working immunity to the worst of it. Once it was cleared out of my system it was free to wreak havoc with my gastro intestinal system and, well, pretty much everything else. Not being able to eat dairy or gluten truly sucks. You know what has one or the other in it? Everything. Going to a restaurant is irritating, and even trying to think of a meal in the evening is much more work than sometimes I can be bothered to think of. It's taken the pleasure out of mealtimes quite considerably. And the worst thing? I still haven't lost any weight. And it turns out my cholesterol is no better either. So I'm no further along with the health issues I actually wanted to fix, only I can eat far less now. Super.