Friday, December 23, 2011

23 days to 40

Some things I've done that you probably haven't. Not to gloat, but simply to illustrate the uniqueness of life...
  • Played guitar on the soundtrack for the PC point-and-click adventure Normality by Gremlin Interactive.
  • Tested whether playing Quake was the most exciting thing imaginable, and whether the quote "it's better than sex" was an appropriate description. Article was for long-forgotten UK magazine, Escape.
  • Bungee jumped for the above article.
  • Had sex for the above article.
  • Had to masturbate in a room while men in lab coats observed in order to calibrate equipment for above article.
  • Appeared on the Star Wars Episode One DVD talking about the LucasArts game Starfighter.
  • Played in a band whose demo was number three on a radio station playlist. In Belgium.
  • Worked on the first (and only) weekly videogames magazine in the UK, called Games-X.
  • Had my first game review published when I was 14 in a UK Atari magazine called Page 6, which was later renamed New Atari User. The game was Winter Games on the Atari ST by Epyx.
  • Name-drop alert: Spent a lengthy lunch date with Mark Hamill (when he was promoting Wing Commander 3) and talked about his fascination with pornography.
  • Perhaps foolishly turned down a job on Edge magazine in 1994.
  • Had the keyboard player from Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne and (now) Deep Purple play at my first wedding.
  • Reviewed games on the UK TV show "GamesMaster."
  • Rode drunk on a golf cart with "father of the PlayStation" Ken Kuturagi.
  • Similarly rode drunk on a golf cart playing "Starksky & Hutch" with Ubisoft president Laurent Detoc. Of note: it's difficult to get any air with a golf cart.
  • Interviewed Lost/Star Trek/Prometheus/Cowboys & Aliens writer/producer Damon Lindelof live on-stage in front of 400 people.
  • Have run a whole bunch of different magazines over the past (gulp) 15 years - many of which you'll have probably never heard of: Mega Drive Advanced Gaming, Super Control, PC Player, Megatech, Sega Zone, and PC Zone in the UK before drifting stateside to run EGM and then later OPM, and finally GamePro.
  • Related to the above, I'm the only editor-in-chief to have run both EGM and GamePro.
  • Started my own company and helped define a sector of media that previously didn't really exist; games media for kids and families.
  • Raised over $2 million to start that business.
  • Had my photo on the front page of the Business section of the LA Times.
  • Did an eight-minute live segment on the Today Show about videogames for kids and families.
  • Got hugged by Meredith Viera.
  • Have also been on both Good Morning America and The Early Show along with a whole bunch of other news shows over the years.
  • Wrote the foreword to a book about iPhone games called "Buttonless."
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