Friday, December 16, 2011

30 days to 40

My first serious girlfriend dumped me before my end-of-school exams when we were 18 because the whole thing was "too stressful." We later bought a house together. Yeah... I know. She's now a druid or a witch or something, and is married to a ninja and living in Wales.

My second serious girlfriend was a little bit crazy and in hindsight probably wasn't really a serious girlfriend.

My third serious girlfriend became my first wife. She didn't want children, and didn't like living in America. We got divorced and haven't spoken for a decade. She currently lives somewhere in America and has at least one child that I'm aware of. Yeah... I know.

My fourth serious girlfriend is responsible for, and therefore truly represents all of the most important things that have ever really happened in my life. She is the mother of my gorgeous children, and the most caring, tolerant and beautiful human being I have ever met. I'd be lost without her. The fact that she has put up with me for 10 years and has yet to threaten otherwise is testament to both her resolve and her...wonderfulness.

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