Tuesday, December 6, 2011

40 days to 40

I mentioned a while back that my imminent 40th birthday had been on my mind a lot lately... well, today it has even more so. I turn 40 in exactly 40 days, so I thought that was as good a reason as any to find an excuse to try and gather my thoughts on the subject and jot them down. Catharsis is the main motivation, but given that there are a few people of similar age that occasionally read this blog, I figure it may provoke some conversation (or some disagreement) over what's important to us all at this point in life. For those of you that are much younger, you'll no doubt be able to chuckle at the sad nonsense that some greybeard old fart is spewing each day. 

I'll wait until tomorrow to really get into the meat of things I think, but over the next 40 days I want to take the opportunity to talk about people that have been an important part of my life so far, things that have had a profound effect on me, and events both professional and personal that have shaped who I am.

My kids have certainly picked up on how this is playing on my mind. This morning they woke me with breakfast that they (partially) cooked themselves, along with hand-written notes celebrating "40 days to 40." Apparently I have been far from subtle in what's bothering me lately.

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