Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting to trickle out information

Although I actually started working with the new company the Tuesday immediately after I left CBS Interactive, I've had to keep things pretty quiet while we lock down what we're doing with the product we're building (timeline, expected release date, and then the real pain in the ass; name,) and decide how we're going to present it to the world. It's an odd state to work in, to be honest. People know I'm doing something, but I've had to be evasive about specifics. Very soon that will change. Next week, I'll finally be able to say where I actually am every day, and then next month we'll start talking about the thing itself.

In preparation for this, I spent some of today prepping some press folks with some stuff about why I chose to step away from my previous gig, and why I'm so drawn to the mobile space. I've also been able to start putting some kind of form to what we're up to, even though I still can't talk about exactly what we're building. I'm sure it was really annoying to all concerned, as I've been on the receiving end of similar bullshit myself over the years. Hopefully I was able to provide enough information to actually give them something interesting to work with and not make them just thing "fuck this guy, there's no story here." We'll see on Monday, I guess. A lot of the reasoning is actually a bookend to some of the stuff I talked about back in January about the way that the media space has changed, how the audience is changing its demands upon content creators, and changing the way they consume these days. Large media companies built on the fundamental idea of being a "magazine on the Internet" (none of them expressly say that's what they are, but many are basically just that) are struggling to adapt quickly, and we're seeing an evolution of audience needs that's moving at a pace unlike anything I've seen in the past 20 years.

One thing I've noticed that I've had to make clear; I'm not working on a game. When people heard I was moving "into mobile" it seems the assumption was that I was making some kind of game. Presumably because I've been talking about iPhone games since the 1UP Yours days, and have been quicker to acknowledge that I find their "snackiness" satisfying than many. While the studio I'm now a part of does make games, that's not what my project is all about at all. It's for gamers.

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