Monday, September 24, 2012

The Modern Gamer, by Think Google

This new whitepaper from Google highlights many of the trends that we've been seeing evolve for a while. There have been some huge shifts in behavior over the past couple of years, and many aspects of the whole business were slow to adapt to the way that the audience was changing. "Traditional" games media, and by that I mean pretty much anyone doing the "magazines on the web" thing (including includes blogs and big sites) was very slow to match some of the bigger shifts, and in many cases was simply adhering to the "grind" that I talked about earlier this year. The process of pushing out assets and going through the motions of previewing, then reviewing, and then (most often) walking away and onto the next thing is no longer what the audience wants. For games that drive the most engagement, the audience is seeking new information all year-long, and they're turning to other sources for this; Reddit, YouTube, forums, etc. If media sites (and stubborn games editors that fear change, and cling on to the way videogames were when they were growing up) don't adapt more quickly, things are going to get ugly.

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