Monday, May 20, 2013

Subscribe to the F!RST YouTube channel

Lots of content experimentation over the next couple of months. I'm playing around with different show styles that will work in the F!RST environment…so, primarily; shows that are designed to be watched on your phone screen and then discussed in the live chat.

Difficult to fully explain until the app is live and out in the wild, but that's the gist.

Anyway, I'm sort of experimenting "out loud" as it were, and working on concepts and posting them publicly so they're out there for people to see if they're interested. They're not going to perform at all as we don't have any kind of promotional platform to push the content out to a large audience until the app itself actually launches. I'll post some of them here too. I've found a basic template that I quite like, so I'll keep riffing.

Help me out and subscribe to the F!RST YouTube channel, and watch, like, and favorite as many videos as you're willing.

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